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Teapigs Silver Tips White Tea Review

Teapigs Silver Tips White Tea Review

Teapigs Silver TipsI thought I would start blogging about the food and drinks I’m consuming in the hope of gaining health benefits, which I would like to think may have a chance of reducing my mouth ulcers. Although, I’d like to add that I’m not actually aware of any scientific evidence to support this. I hope you enjoy my first post, on my favourite cuppa!

Teapigs Silver Tips White Tea Review 
I’ve enjoyed drinking green tea for a few years, but then I came across white tea. After a bit of Googling I found that white tea (apparently) contains more antioxidants than green tea, which really appealed to me. I’ve tried a few brands of white tea but Teapigs are currently my favourite because I love how you can actually see the leaves in the tea bags. I used to like Twinnings, but their products are more of a tea powder inside the bag compared to Teapigs.

About Teapigs Silver Tips White Tea
15 biodegradable teabags are packed in a sealed bag, inside a cardboard box, as shown above. The teabags are a pyramid shape with small pale, greenish/silvery leaves inside, hence the name Silver Tips. According to Teapigs these leaves are the shoots of the tea trees, picked  early in the morning, in the Fujian province of China. The leaves are then left to dry out naturally in the sun.

How to brew it
Most people would recommend boiling the water and allowing it to cool a little before pouring it into the cup. I’m too impatient though, so I go with boiling water and then leave room in the cup for a dash of cold water. Also, I’m not enough of a tea connoisseur to notice any impaired flavor as a result of using overly hot water. No milk is required! – Surprisingly this is something not everyone is aware of. If like me, you have lovely colleagues (usually coffee drinkers) who offer to make your drink, it might be worth letting them know this. I’ve had a few very odd looking white teas with milk placed on my desk before :-S

The taste of Tea Pigs Silver Tips is quite delicate and refreshing with a hint of sweetness about it. This tea is difficult to compare against ‘normal’ black tea as I don’t think they taste anything a like. It’s similar to green tea but not as harsh and without the grassy taste you can sometimes get with green.

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